DARK AIO 6 (21.02.2015)

***Works only for english keyboard***

-Removed GMZ Trainer and added CAMERA HACK
-Recoded all stuffs for better performances(other faster solutions for darkaio loops)
-Simulate controls , all stuff frombot section must work in background too.
-Create 3 states: Normal(State 1),Trainer(State 2),Camera(State 3)
-All functions from Trainer and Camera states works even if you cant saw the options
-Pressing "VIEW TRAINER" or "CAMERA HACK" just make the options visible,but those works in both cases (visible or not)
-Major update,source code is smaller ,but is full with functions.
-Removed "DONUTZ" and added "MANUAL" transmission. (Activate it for have manual transmission and deactivate it to have automatic transmission)
-Added "Rubber Walls" - can be exchange with slide walls in bots to prevent bot to stuck in walls(dont work both in same time)
-Added inteligent autopilot which activate when you are in race and deactivate (when you are in freeroam,safehouse,etc) just for bots.
-All functions takes 1~2 seconds to activate it first time. Second time will be instantly. Those feature is reinitialize itself when the game is restarted.
-Added special lancher,now you can start the game from DARKAIO (start DARKAIO first then add email,password,server,region and hit START GAME).
-DATA used last time for login in game are keeped. So when you start the game you will have the email and password already there.
-Added multilanguage file (3 lang for now,if you want new langs then contact me and request language file -> you will translate it in lang you wnat and I will add it)
-Last language selected will set itself as default one and the program will start in that language(Changing language is instant).
-Improve DARKAIO SET ,now you can put for example "98" number in second section and press SET -> the program will recognize the time.
-At startup DARKAIO do not inject anithing to the game but if the game is started then closed -> DARKAIO will refresh itself all data used in last game instance.
-Reactivate "ADVANCE SELLER" - > now it must be faster,very faster (it must not blocking in powerups menu) and it not depending of your PC speed anymore. 
-It must autodetect the customisation menu.
-Decreasing size and increasing the performance.
-Added a new help file.
-Added AERO interface for OS which support it . If you have windows XP then this option will not activate it.(It will know what windows type is).
-Added New Interface.
-Added a button without name,press it as many times you want to see the changes.(Is for program Interface)
-Decreased dectections number!
-PR (PRIVATE RACES) is disabled for the moment. I will work of a new one . So DARKAIO will inject in any game instance the proper hack

So new script -> If you saw a bug or something which dont work as it must report, them to me.

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NFSW Trainer GMZ 1594 (21.02.15)

Credits: GamerZ

F1 TankMode
F2 Wallhack
F3 Ghost
F4 Pursuit MAX lv
F5 DrunkDriver
F6 PerfectStart
F7 Fast PowerUps
F8 Fast Loading
F9 Quit&GetReward
F10 Chat /join gn 1
F11 Insane Traffic
F12 Hide Car/Nick
DEL Lobby Kick All
END Chat Spam
PAGEUP SpeedHack
PageDown TeamEscapeBot
HOME Stadium Camera
INSERT hide/show menu
PAUSE "close" game


AntiSpam xD
AutoFinish SpeеdAPI "stealth mode"
TeleportToAnyPlayer ;by Vityacv
2window ;use alternative launcher


F9 AutoFinish is detected ~1.3min race = no sense, replace > Quit&GetReward > only for race/drag. start, quit and get card reward
fix TeamEscapeBot > now slow and maybe safely
now use game thread for keys
FASM 1.71.22
LDR: new record 588 bytes!
Fix GetActiveWindow> GetFocus
Fix 3 TeamEscapeBot now 1 min


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PUFK BOT v2 (20.02.2015)

[Изображение: image.php?dm=325O]

Start the game and set the resolution to 800x600 in windowed mode with minimum graphics
Run the bot.
Close window "News".
In the window "P.Ups" fit through any delimiter, which you need to use PU.
Click the "Start" button.

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Camera X (24.01.15)

The options are in image below.
Is very usefull for making videos!
New improvements will came in next updates
FOV is not ready yet , but will be!
All code was rewritten
Now is faster and you can make cool video with lot's functions started in same time 
"PAUSE" button will disable all fucctions
"END" button is panic key (exit)
keys has been rebinded to wordwith darkaio too in same time!

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Game Launching Tool v1.0 (24.01.15)

How to?

1. Enter your Account Details
2. Click "Create Launcher"
3. Start 1 Game

Multiple Games:

4. Click "Unlock 3 Games"
5. Start 2 Game
6. Start 3 Game
7. Click "Patch Game 1"
8. Click "Patch Game 2"
9. Click "Patch Game 3"

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iBot v3 (23.01.15)


Antihack Detect
Cheats Hotkeys (Optionial for Bots etc.)
SingleBot (Legit)
Drag Bot (Legit + Always Win)
Various Achievement Bots
NameChanger (Malware442)
Text Sender
Vinyl Artist (Free Vinyl Hack)

How To?

For all Bots set Game to: 800x600 Windowed Mode / Graphics to "low"
For more help check the "Readme.txt"



Happy Botting

Virustotal: Click Here

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