DARK AIO 5.4 (24.01.2015)

nt" and "TRANE8881")

Changes in
***Works only for english keyboard***

Added GMZ Trainer v23
ALL code has been rewritten! Is not old AIO anymore!
ALL functions are pure autoit,no dlls!
Very powerfull anticheat!
Button "A" , under "LoL" button is an autoarrange game window(all settings for booting). Press again to disable that
For use "POWERUPS" button dont forget to chechk which powerups you want to consume.You can check them all because is very faster.
ALL bots are changed to work with simulated keys from windows (no controlsend,no controlclick). In next version a few bugs will be fixed too.
ALL functions are rewritten after my signature.
ALL functions must work after any update. Only if they will change the entire game structure then a few functions could have problems. 
(This mean to change the game, will never happen this)
ALL bots have only autopilot ,tank mode and slide walls.
You can press TRAINER button before hitting "FARM" button. Then STATE 2 will be available.
NOW you can customize your bot (be carrefully,anticheat is injected when you press "TRAINER" button,a stats message is shown in right of timer)

How to custom my bot?

Start game
Start darkaio
Teleport to a race
Press "TRAINER" button,new options will be available (wait until "PROTECTED" text will be available)
Then check "SP,MP,etc". Hit FARM.
Wait a little and you will saw what functions are activated by default.
You can activate/deactivate from there aditional stuff you want.
Executable has only 1Mb

New functions for all
Hide car automatic when button "NAME" is pressed from HIDE IDENTITY
"Hide UPS" from Trainer side is just for fun. THat will block accesss in safe house from the button
(dont try to enter there from key "H" - because then the game will crash). Better use "DECREASE LAG"
ALL stuffs can be enabled and disabled.

If you press once "TRAINER" button then the STATE 2 will be available.
If you press again "TRAINER" button then the STATE 1 will be available.
SO you can hide/show that parts anytime. The functions can be activated without making
that section to be visible too.



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Camera X (24.01.15)

The options are in image below.
Is very usefull for making videos!
New improvements will came in next updates
FOV is not ready yet , but will be!
All code was rewritten
Now is faster and you can make cool video with lot's functions started in same time 
"PAUSE" button will disable all fucctions
"END" button is panic key (exit)
keys has been rebinded to wordwith darkaio too in same time!

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Game Launching Tool v1.0 (24.01.15)

How to?

1. Enter your Account Details
2. Click "Create Launcher"
3. Start 1 Game

Multiple Games:

4. Click "Unlock 3 Games"
5. Start 2 Game
6. Start 3 Game
7. Click "Patch Game 1"
8. Click "Patch Game 2"
9. Click "Patch Game 3"

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iBot v3 (23.01.15)


Antihack Detect
Cheats Hotkeys (Optionial for Bots etc.)
SingleBot (Legit)
Drag Bot (Legit + Always Win)
Various Achievement Bots
NameChanger (Malware442)
Text Sender
Vinyl Artist (Free Vinyl Hack)

How To?

For all Bots set Game to: 800x600 Windowed Mode / Graphics to "low"
For more help check the "Readme.txt"



Happy Botting

Virustotal: Click Here

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Speedius v5.3 (23.01.15)

[Изображение: image.php?di=QPM1]
How to use:
1) Start the game
2) Run Speedius.exe

[SHIFT + F1] Acceleration - set acceleration (light control)
[SHIFT + F2] Tank Mode - the car is not slowed down by collisions with objects.
[***************] Hold & Go - machine speeds up as you keep the button jammed .
[SHIFT + F3] Transparent - Riding through the objects in the game (but not through walls ) .
[SHIFT + F4] Fast Powerups - quick to believe. Do not wait until to believe will become available after use.
[SHIFT + F5] Infalte Titres - inflate tires . Just turn once.
[SHIFT + F6] Camera X- axis displacement chamber X starts up . ( Works in the " rear view " )
[SHIFT + F7] Camera Y- axis displacement of the camera Y'ov . ( Works in the " rear view " )

Trainer ** only works with dynamic memory . Bypass anti-cheat is not required.

new style
Credits:  Android

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BotDLL GUI v1.1

[Изображение: image.php?di=PKQK]

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