GPWA Bot - Group Pursuit Bot (12.09.14)

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BotDLL GUI v0.8


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TachkaMenyalka v6.2 (12.09.14)


How to use:
1) Start the program and press F1 and choose the machine from the list
2) Go and get out of the garage
3) To turn off press F1
Bypass automatic anticheat **

Minor Fixes
Updated 1560

Created: GMZ, DarkExaByte, Android, Vityacv (Grateful "Zapiliment" and "TRANE8881")

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FLPR Bot v3.4 (12.09.14)

[Изображение: image.php?di=89GF]


Bypass anti-cheat

Ignore Cops
Heat level # 5
3-2-1 disconnectors
Receipt of awards
Lock buying power amplifier and money
Autopilot - to bypass the temporary ban
The increase in earnings to 3500 rap. 7500 & money

Lock buying power amplifier and money
Code Optimization
Added race inspection system for the autopilot (auto switching on and off), in order to avoid falling into another race

How to:

1. Set Game to 800x600
2. go to the "Powerup console" >> point "sprint" and click the "Default"
3. Teleport to any Single Pursuit
4. Start BOT
5. Click on Start

Credits: Android & GMZ

This BOT earns very fast InGame Cash and rewards.
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Speedius v5.1 (12.09.14)

[Изображение: image.php?di=QPM1]
How to use:
1) Start the game
2) Run Speedius.exe

[SHIFT + F1] Acceleration - set acceleration (light control)
[SHIFT + F2] Tank Mode - the car is not slowed down by collisions with objects.
[***************] Hold & Go - machine speeds up as you keep the button jammed .
[SHIFT + F3] Transparent - Riding through the objects in the game (but not through walls ) .
[SHIFT + F4] Fast Powerups - quick to believe. Do not wait until to believe will become available after use.
[SHIFT + F5] Infalte Titres - inflate tires . Just turn once.
[SHIFT + F6] Camera X- axis displacement chamber X starts up . ( Works in the " rear view " )
[SHIFT + F7] Camera Y- axis displacement of the camera Y'ov . ( Works in the " rear view " )

Trainer ** only works with dynamic memory . Bypass anti-cheat is not required.

new style
Credits:  Android

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DriftTrainer v1.1 (12.09.14)

[Изображение: image.php?di=8SP1]
How to use:
1) Start the game
2) Run DrifTTrainer.exe

Flexible configuration options drift
Acceleration of the car - if you do not have time to get out of the drift, or to get up to speed, hold Tab or Shift

new style

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